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Tom Curran

Tom Curran BSc. Physiotherapy, TPI Golf Medical Expert, MCSP, MAACPTom is a Chartered Physiotherapist who graduated in 2008 with first class honours from the University of Hertfordshire in the UK. He trained initially within the NHS gaining vast experience working in some of the largest teaching hospitals in London, such as Guy’s & St. Thomas’ Hospital and St. Georges’ University Hospital where he worked as a senior physiotherapist.

Whilst working in the NHS, Tom simultaneously worked in private practice specialising in sports injuries and performance training and worked in a number of gyms across London providing physiotherapy services. He also worked as a consultant physiotherapist to the McLaren Formula 1 team based out of the McLaren Technology Centre, designing conditioning and rehabilitation plans for their drivers, from young karting exponents to their F1 drivers. Tom was also head physiotherapist for the Newbury Blues Rugby team in Berkshire who at the time were a professional level team.

In 2011 Tom gained additional post-graduate qualifications with the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) in San Diego and is now a TPI Golf Medical expert and Golf fitness coach. The TPI is the world’s world leader in golf fitness, golf health and swing mechanics. Tom set up a specialist golf fitness clinic at the Foxhills Golf Resort in the UK and worked with a number of touring PGA professionals and amateurs of all ages and abilities to improve their swing mechanics and golf specific fitness.

In his spare time, Tom competes in Ultra-marathons and mountain races, having completed the Marathon de Sables and the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (a 100 mile foot-race around Mount Blanc) three times. He has completed over 70 marathons and is on track to join the 100 marathon club in the next few years.

Tom utilises the same rehabilitation principles and concepts to all his patients and clients in order to maximise their potential in all activities of life, to reduce pain and to train with improved confidence whether returning from injury or to reduce future injury risk.


My name is Mairead and I’m from County Meath! I have been working in the industry for five years and have loved every minute! Health and Fitness is a passion of mine which I strive to pass on to the people I train.
I am a qualified Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and also have a qualification in Dietary Counselling. I believe that through hard work and perseverance everyone can reach their goals and most importantly I believe it should be an enjoyable and fun journey with plenty of laughs along the way!!
My main passion in the industry I would have to say is strength training. There are huge physical and mental health benefits that can be achieved through strength training. Through regular strength training and a clean balanced diet you can successfully reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass and burn calories more efficiently. It is my belief that strength training is a key component of overall health and fitness for everyone no matter what age or gender.
Whether you are a complete beginner, having hit a training plateau, or you just need that extra motivation to achieve your goals then look no further.



About me

I have 10 years of experience in the fitness industry – teaching group fitness and personal training. Health and fitness is a passion of mine and I take pride in motivating others to achieve their goals – and I firmly believe keeping physically, mentally, and spiritually fit for a lifetime is of utmost benefit to each individual.


  • Certified Personal Trainer – NASM, ACE
  • Certified Group Fitness Instructor – ACE
  • Certified Les Mills Instructor – BodyPump, RPM
  • Certified in Kettlebells, FightingFitt – Health & Fitness Professionals (South Africa)
  • Certified in Pre and Post Natal, Working with the Older Adult – National Training Center (Dublin).

Dan Smullen


Tell me what you would like to achieve, I won’t just tell you what to do. Ill get you there!

How will personal training help me?

Personal training is result guaranteed training. You tell me what you want to achieve, when you would like to achieve it by and I will coach you with my knowledge and skills and get you there.

What’s your top training tip?

Variety and structure! A lot of people fail through boredom. Consistency is the secret to success, I can ensure that every session is structured, fun, challenging but achievable.

Best thing about your job?

I love coming to work. Accompanying, supporting & motivating my clients on their journey to success. I can’t tell you in words the joy of seeing how successful training can change and transform a person’s life.

Why choose me?

University qualified sport and exercise scientist
Over 7 years experience as a personal trainer.
Featured on “Average Joe gets ripped in 12 weeks”
Guaranteed results or your money back

What my clients say about me?

“My stomach is flat! Over the past 8 weeks, the excess fat I was carrying around my middle has completely gone. Olivia, 27—Radio Presenter

I’ve noticed the difference in the rolls at the sides of my waist, and the size of my bottom, and I’m delighted. Love my new bikini, – Michelle, 47 –Nurse
I could have come this far without Dan. I am two stone lighter, 15% less bodyfat and the fittest I have ever been in life. I feel incredible.
My initial sessions with Dan were spent undoing the bad training habits I’d picked up over the years training on my own. You really feel the difference.
Celina, 33—Hair dresser

In the past I even went to the gym 5 days a week and barely seen the scales move or even any changes. I can really testify that personal training with Dan was worth it.. I was doing everything wrong. Now, I am in the best shape of my life and I only train 3 days a week. Gareth, 31—Dentist


  • Bachelor of Science in the sport and exercise sciences from the University of Limerick
  • Certificate of exercise health and fitness from the National Council for exercise health and fitness
  • Higher Certificate in Personal Training from the University of Limerick
  • Diploma in nutrition and exercise physiology
  • Master trainer in trigger point therapy
  • Pilates Advanced Mat level
  • RIP 60 Master Trainer
  • EXI Kettlbell and functional training certified
  • Les Mills Certified Trainer

Complimentary no obligations consultation.


“You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great”

How will personal training help me?

One to one session will help you achieve your own goals. With my knowledge and long experience I will be here to support and motivate you. I will make sure you are performing every exercise with the correct form and technique, to modify and adjust your exercise program will help you progress your workout. You are going to get professional assistance to improve cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, endurance, posture, coordination and weight loose reduce.

WWhat results should I expect to get with you?

Results! Stop wasting time. Train with me and you will quickly understand why this is the quickest & safest way to reach your goals. I will not let you stick with self-imposed limits. I will find hidden strengths you didn’t know about.s.

What’s your top training tip?

Variety and structure! A lot of people fail through boredom. Consistency is the secret to success, I can ensure that every session is structured, fun, challenging but achievable.

What’s your greatest sporting achievement?

Master acrobatic – 18 years of hard work and many hours training led me to a place on the national gymnastic squad of Bulgaria winning Both International and European championships.
Master of extreme stunts in live shows in Japan.Successful perform many stunt tricks with acro- tumbling, trampoline and gymnastic in extreme shows.
3rd Place NIFMA Miss Bikini Europe 2014 fitness modelling.


I know this is cliché but I am truly passionate about health and fitness, and the gym is my passion. I am truly passionate about achieving peoples goals. When you train with me, your goal becomes mine. I have completed and conquered any health and fitness goalsI have had, let me inspire you to conquer yours!

So why choose me?

“When I started in One Escape February 2014, I was overweight and desperately wanting to lose two stone, everywhere I read told me I should be lifting weights but the weights area was full of men, I thought this is not for me. I done diets, been a member of weight watchers everything but even two months in, I hadn’t lost any weight. That’s when I started working with Evee, She really kept me on track and fixed where I was going wrong. Its now over three months and I have lost 2 stone and 4 pounds. She’s brilliant, could not recommend her more to anyone, she’s always full of life and I love training with her” – Sarah Twamly 31, accountant”


  • NQF Level 4 personal trainer
  • NQF Level 3 Gym instructor AFAS
  • NQF Level 3 Group Fitness Instructor AFAS
  • International standard of Step Aerobics AFAS
  • Sports Gymnastic expert level NSA
  • Stability ball AFAS
  • Cirquit training AFAS
  • Tae bo AFAS
  • Les Mills BodyPump
  • Les Mills BodyAttack
  • Les Mills BodyCombat

Karolina Gieron


“If your mind can believe, your body can achieve”

I’m focused on your strengths, while improving your weaknesses. Let me motivate you to achieve your goal.

How will personal training help me?

Reaching your goal can be life changing. I can take you through the necessary steps to make it happen. If you have been struggling with motivation, or you have given up in the past, I can offer you the education and accountability to achieve your goal.

What results should I expect to get with a Personal Trainer?

The result you should expect equates the work you are willing to put in.

  • You tell me your goal and I will design the strategy.
  • Each session will have a focus.
  • This will take you closer to your goal and prevent you from failure.
  • The workouts will be challenging but not beyond what you are able to accomplish..
  • I have been told that my energy is contagious so let me motivate you to succeed!

What’s your training philosophy?

My philosophy on training and helping people achieve their goals is a holistic approach which combines sleep, nutrition, and exercise which are all critical components for achieving your true physical potential

Power of food, vegetarianism, nutrition, cycling, travelling, cooking, dancing, animals, snowboarding, rollerblading, coaching, meditating, yoga.

How’d you get into personal training?

I was in a job, bored and in my spare time I enrolled myself to be educated as a personal trainer. This made perfect sense as I have always been a fitness freak. Since receiving my education and practicing what I preach, I have not looked back. This truly is my dream job. I love encouraging people to a new healthy lifestyle through my fitness philosophies.


  • N.E.F.P.C—National Elite Fitness Professional Certificate
  • EQF Level 4 Personal Trainer
  • EQF Level 3 Group Instruction
  • EQF Level 3 Fitness Instruction
  • Les Mills BodyPump
  • Les Mills BodyAttack
  • Les Mills BodyCombat
  • Stott Pilates IMP Level 1 and 2
  • Rip 60 Freemotion fitness
  • TRX suspension training
  • IFT Kettlebell training
  • IFT Strongman training
  • IFT Sport Specific training
  • IFT Circuit training
  • Piloxing certified


“I treat each client differently, recognizing what works for some people may not work for another”

I believe that health and fitness goals can be reached through hard smart training and determination. I believe in intense training programs that have a wide variety that will challenge your muscles and cardiovascular system. I also like to implement aspects of sport into my training sessions.

How will personal training help me?

Personal training will help you focus on results and create a plan that will help you get maximum results in a minimum time. Personal training can even help you if you have hit a training plateau. Personal training really is the perfect solution for you. I will jump start your motivation, but also tailor you with the perfect routine.

What results should I expect to get with a Personal Trainer?

I understand that different training methods suit different people. All bodies age in different ways depending on genetic and lifestyle factors. I also like to educate my clients in many other aspects of wellness besides exercise, including general health and nutrition guidelines. Your training will be completely personalised and tailored to hit your goals in the fastest way possible.


I feel passionately about being active, fit, and healthy. Love to work in the Fitness Industry! When I’m free I like to spend time with family, friends and also love travel, every new experience makes me feel very exited, I take the opportunities life gives me and enjoy as much as I can.

So why choose me as your personal trainer?

I am an experienced personal trainer and have been involved in the fitness industry for the past 8 years, Working with GAA players, FAI players and other individuals athletes in the sporting world. With Personal training helps you to achieve great results more rapidly. I will keep you motivated help you to improve your technical skills, ensure every workout counts and introduce new ways of training.


  • Degree in Sports and Fitness from the University of Limerick
  • NCEF Certificate Personal Trainer
  • NCEF Certificate Group Fitness and Instructor
  • EQF Level 3 Fitness Instruction
  • Les Mills BodyPump certified instructor
  • Reebok Indoor Cycling
  • Keiser Spin Instructor
  • Reebok Kettlebells
  • Rip 60 Freemotion fitness
  • TRX suspension training
  • Water Aerobics
  • First Aid Qualified
  • Sports Community Development
  • FAI Coach
  • GAA Coach and Fitness Instructor