Functional Training

Functional Training


  • Get Stronger
  • Burn Fat

WHAT IS Functional Training?

Functional training  combines cardiovascular and resistance training in one effective workout. The class runs in circuit training style. The exercises last 20-60 seconds before you move onto the next activity and the circuit is finished after all the exercises have been completed. Circuit training programs burn more calories compared to both traditional strength-training programs and traditional cardio workouts.

Functional Training
– Improve your strength
– Increase lean muscle tissue
– Burn calories for hours after the workout
– Tone your entire body! 30 mins is all it takes in this circuit style workout!
The science behind HIIT
High intensity interval based resistance training is a great way to induce lactic acid in your muscles. Not only will you feel the burn in areas you did not even knew existed, this style of training releases an increased level of growth hormone in your body! As a result you will switch your body into fat burning mode! All of the exercises come with both modifications and progressions allowing you to exercise at your own fitness level. With an encouraging environment your class coach will get you through this amazing workout every squat of the way!

Functional Training