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About 1escape health club

At 1escape we listened to the needs of our members and focused our efforts on providing an oasis in dublin city where our members can enjoy an hour of escapism from their busy lives place in which they would look forward to visiting whilst offering a wide selection of choice to cater for their individual health and fitness needs. We looked at gyms around the world to see how they best served their members and we discovered that what people wanted most was not just a basic gym but a superior level of service in which to encourage a long term relationship with their health club. 1escape has founded our values with this in mind and is built on commitments to its community, team training and crafting long-lasting relationships with our members.

Look inside our brand: 1escape Chakra
1escape in dublin business model based on yoga chakra
1escape in dublin business model based on yoga chakra

Our Chakra determines how we give every last one of our customers the kind of dedicated, high level service they deserve. This powerful combination of internal energies ensures we never lose sight of our true purpose; to work in a state of constant development while always aiming to improve peoples lives.

Underlying this goal is a set of key principles that ensure we always pursue our aims in the right manner. We foster a culture in our clubs that is always passionate, always safe and always built on personal relationships as opposed to corporate hierarchies. This spirit of openness is the fuel that drives all our activities and is the thing that makes us truly unique in the modern health market.

We understand that most people don’t have more than an hour to train, so we make sure that our programmes and fitness classes accommodate this. If you are looking for a gym in Dublin that will take account of your individual needs then 1escape health club is the place for you. We know that a generic approach doesn’t suit everyone so we are very careful to plan your exercise regime to suit you. By providing an excellent service and plenty of choice our fitness plans will keep you motivated. We know that going to a gym in Dublin can start off well but soon dwindle until you stop going because you are bored. We make every effort to offer a wide choice of fitness classes in Dublin and individually designed programmes so that you can make a lifestyle choice for the long term.Whether it your first experience in joining a gym in Dublin or even if you are just looking for something different, please drop by and see our gym in Smithfield. We offer a wide range of classes, individual programmes, swimming and much more. Our members also benefit from discounted parking but are easily accessible by bus or bike and on the Luas Red Line. Make the trip today and join us for long term fitness and an enjoyable one hour escape.

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