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Our unique 1 hour philosophy ensures that everyone has time to enrich their lifestyles and reach their goals. Every design feature and facility at 1escape focusses on escapism, while all classes and fitness programmes allow people to be in and out within an hour. By making fitness more accessible and by offering a wide choice of classes and facilities, 1escape encourages people to take a long-term approach to their fitness. This individualised and fun approach sets 1escape apart and our additional services make your visits even more convenient.
  • Free Wifi lounge area
  • Towel Service
  • Full-time locker rental available
  • Executive Personal Training packages
  • Free inductions
  • Wide selection of free classes

Our service

Every component of our fitness training methods, classes, equipment and services has been carefully considered for its purpose, effectiveness and benefit to each person. Rather than offer a generic range of services to satisfy most peoples broad needs, we have developed a club to meet our members more specific needs. 1escape has been designed to a very high specification and we know that it’s the little details that count. With this in mind we have carefully thought of ways to make your time at 1escape as productive and enjoyable as possible.

We understand that everyone has a different reason for joining a gym and it’s important to work out the specific needs of each individual. In order to keep our members motivated we need to provide a first-class service and plenty of choice. By doing so, we make fitness a long-term part of our member’s lifestyles without the need for a 12 month contract.

Our Clubs

The clubs that we operate here at Iconic are all their own, distinct facility. Each one has been designed not to fit in to a single mould but to correspond to the goals and needs of its community of members. Yet they are all connected by the Chakra of Iconic.

What that means is, regardless of the club you choose, you can rest assured it will be run with a focus on constant betterment and improvement. Whether you wish to pursue weight loss, better nutrition, superior fitness or enhanced wellness, you will find the perfect atmosphere in which to do it at one of our three Irish clubs.

  • 1-escape-health-club
  • The concept behind 1escape is simple; it offers its members a single hour of pure health and fitness escapism. Step through its doors and enjoy that moment where the hustle and bustle of your day-to-day life slips away, allowing you to take some time purely to yourself. With superb training classes, a pool, sauna, steam room, dojo and more, it provides everything you need to unwind and concentrate on your personal health and well-being.
  • icon-health-club-dublin
  • Dublin’s first ever business class health club, ICON offers a sophisticated level of service simply unmatched in the city’s fitness market. The facilities have everything the hard working executive needs to bring better balance to their life. At ICON, membership numbers are deliberately restricted, meaning the expert trainers on our staff can take the time to devote their fullest attention to every member.
  • dartry-health-club
  • An exclusive though welcoming fitness centre in the heart of Dublin 6, the Dartry Health Club is stylish, fun and friendly. From the sociable atmosphere of the coffee lounge to the luxury of the sauna and the sheer choice of the well-equipped gym, this is a place where you will love to work out.

Between the three superb health clubs we run in the city, Dubliners are sure to find an ICONIC Health Club that is perfect for them.

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