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Aerial Yoga is exclusively available to our members and is included in our membership.  Classes run throughout the year at 1escape.  If you would like to enquire about membership options, simply give us a call or contact us here

Strength, Mobility and Flexibility are all combined together in this revolutionary class that takes yoga to the next level. Hanging upside down in mid-air in a secure hammock, you’ll feel stronger than ever. Escape the world outside suspended in a super strong, silky hammock that envelops your body like a protective cocoon. Feel a sense of calm as you gently sway a few feet above the ground doing graceful yoga poses. Work your core like never before, strengthen arms and tone legs.

antigravity yoga at 1escapeAside from a brilliant way to de-stress, Aerial Yoga (also known as Anti Gravity yoga) relieves pressure on the spine and neck, lengthening your whole body. No wonder it helps back problems caused by hunching over a computer, driving long distances and sitting at a desk all day. The hammock means you can achieve a broader range of yoga poses much sooner than with a conventional floor mat, so you progress and feel a sense of achievement.

But there’s also another secret ingredient you won’t find at every exercise class  inversion. How does it work? By gently turning upside down, more blood and nutrients flow around your brain and body, improving circulation. Experience the sensation of weightlessness, as you soar like an acrobat.

aerial yoga hammocksNot surprisingly Aerial Yoga was created by Christopher Harrison of Cirque du Soleil who, after an injury, discovered traditional yoga poses were much easier when he grabbed onto lengths of fabric hung from the ceiling.

Aerial Yoga is quite simply something you have to try and look no further than 1escape for this revolutionary class.

Benefits of Aerial Fit Yoga

Lubricates and elongates your spine and discs
Improves mobility around the shoulders and hips
Relaxes your body and refocuses your mind
Improves circulation



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