Backstage at 1escape: A note from your Club Manager, Gabrielle Finglas

I’m delighted to introduce the new ‘back stage’ segment of our newsletter, designed to keep you updated on some of the day-to-day running of your club and inform you of some of the backstage procedures we under take to make your membership as enjoyable as possible. I’m looking forward to contributing to this each month but if you have any feedback, please do not hesitate to contact me on or in the club.

A pool is a luxury addition to a health club & offers a truly therapeutic experience. We take great pride in keeping our pool quality to a very high standard within the leisure industry. In fact, did you know that for the last 8 years we have won awards for our pool quality? This involves hours of work every week monitoring water & chlorine levels not to mention maintenance of a substantial plant room. But we think it is worth all the hard work for your enjoyment! A special shout out goes out to Mark who you’ll find most days down in the plant room (his second home) taking meticulous care of system.

Over the past five years at 1escape we have encountered issues with the tiles becoming loose in the pool. Despite bringing in many experts, the reason for this is still unknown. This causes us much frustration as we always strive to look our best. Although we have been advised on numerous occasions that the most cost effective resolution to this issue would be to close the pool for up to 3 weeks while the pool is drained we refused to impact our members who we know love our pool. Instead we sought specialised underwater divers to take on the task, with them most recently carrying out repairs between 30th January – 1st February. To date we have spent a shocking €130,000 repairing the pool tiles and minimising disruption as much as possible. For any business, this is a costly investment but it makes it all worthwhile when we see you enjoying our pool so much.

New Year, Spring Clean
Both the male and female lockers rooms underwent a thorough deep clean overnight on the 17th & 18th January by a team of cleaning experts using a variety of specialized tools. We hope you agree that this has made a huge difference to the standards of the changing areas. We are dedicated to maintaining our high standards by committing to carry out this operation on a bi-annual basis. Our club care team including Hadi, Adil & Dorina, do a fantastic job on a day to day basis but our deep cleans ensure that their hard work is supported.

Watch out for my monthly ‘Back Stage’ updates via our newsletter. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing you around the club and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any assistance.

Yours in health & fitness,



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