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100+ Classes

1escape is the perfect Dublin gym with a range of facilities to suit everyone. Whether you like to join fitness classes in Dublin and take advantage of our six studios, or work out on our cardio floor, you are sure to find the right exercise regime to suit your level of fitness. Our personal trainers in Dublin can devise a programme that will help you get fitter and stronger at your own pace.

1escape has the most amount of gym classes in Dublin in comparison to any other gym or health club in Dublin, with over 100 + classes each and every week.

The variety of facilities that we offer goes far beyond the usual gym benefits. Try out the hydrorider spinning in the water- for a full body workout. Its a great way of working out to increase your cardiovascular fitness without damaging your joints.

If martial arts are more your thing, try out our Urban Dojo studio which is just one of our fitness classes in Dublin. If that sounds too energetic our pool is just the place for a good swim. The pool is 1.4m deep and 20m long so it’s just right for swimming some lengths. In the spa area you can relax in the Jacuzzi, breathe deeply in the steam room or take advantage of the sauna.

At 1escape we look after your physical fitness and your all round wellbeing in an atmosphere that is both hardworking and relaxing. If you only have an hour to spare, you will still be able to fit in your fitness regime. If you want to spend a little longer with us there are plenty of activities to choose from. So, if you are looking to join a Dublin gym do drop in or give us a call to find out more about 1escape.

Brooklyn Fitboxing

Brooklyn fitboxing

Fight Your Limits



WHAT IS Brooklyn fitboxing?

Brooklyn Fitboxing is a total body training system that combines boxing and kickboxing and other martial arts moves in front of a professional heavy bag with functional training exercises, performed to the rhythm of the ultimate music! The class works in rounds, just like a regular boxing match, and Brooklyn Fitboxing consists of 10 rounds. Building you up from basic jab routines, then progressing onto sequences packed full of kicks, hooks, squats and defence stances, this is a high-intensity, calorie-burning, fun-filled workout. Guaranteeing even more bang for your buck, each round is book ended by a one-minute functional training session consisting of moves such as squats, jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups and much more. One thing’s for sure, you certainly won’t be bored. Each routine is explained by the instructor but also played out on a screen to your side; hugely helpful in those first moments of uncertainty that we are all familiar with in a new class. With support all around, you’ll be hard pushed to go wrong. Expect not only to burn on average of 1,000 calories per class, but drastically reduce your stress levels and see clear results within 8 weeks.

Brooklyn fitboxing
Burn up to 1.000 kcal per session, in a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout, where you will get the ‘Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption’ effect (EPOC). This effect increases the consumption of calories up to 48h after Brooklyn Fit Workout. Compared to running at a steady pace, Brooklyn Fitboxing burns more calories in less time.
In the first 4 weeks you will notice that this programme will raise your overall energy level, agility and your cardio respiratory capacity. In eight weeks you will begin to see how your body adapts to training, giving visible results, and in just 12 weeks you will love to see yourself improving in the mirror! That’s your reward, and ours. Your results!


Pool & Spa

It’s time to take the break you deserve with a trip to our Spa. Leave stress behind at our luxury spas and watch a calmer, happier you emerge. Our beautiful jacuzzi pool will help you loosen up and distress, leaving you reinvigorated. Soothe away tired muscles and bring back that healthy glow in our luxury sauna, and our exquisite steam room will help you detox and relax at the same time.


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1escape offers a luxurious and tranquil environment that is sure to leave you feeling relaxed, revitalised and invigorated._4010410

Scented Steam room : Relax in our aromatic steam room, infused with eucalyptus vapour to cleanse the body of impurities and revitalise the mind

Log Cabin Sauna: Detox in our Scandinavian log cabin with ice bucket shower. It uses intense dry heat to promote skin exfoliation, tissue toning and relaxation, followed by the bucket shower for the ultimate sauna experience

Pool: 1escape offers a large & unique Pool & Spa area. Here you can allow allow the therapeutic benefits of water to relax your mind, body and soul. Recline on our poolside loungers set beneath the sails of a yacht whilst listening to spa music for that true sense of escape and relaxation. Our large pool is 20m in length and the atmosphere is tranquil. Best of all there is no deep end as it is 1.4m in depth throughout. This makes it a perfect pool to become a more confident swimmer.

Swimming is a good cardio exercise for losing weight. Its also a good because you not only burn calories but also build muscle tone in your arms, legs, back and abs. Swimming is a great alternative for people who want to avoid high impact training like running.

In addition we offer a range of beauty treatments in our Allora Spa.

Our therapists are all fully qualified, have a wealth of experience, and offer a personal and professional approach to beauty therapy.
We offer a wide range of treatments; ranging from deep cleansing facial treatments to deluxe manicures.

1 membership card, 3 great clubs

Health Club & Gym Membership in Dublin

When looking for gym membership in Dublin, Our Collection of health clubs are a truly personalised and luxurious experience, designed to be an oasis of fitness and well-being.

Each of our clubs has its own signature brand, ensuring that it corresponds to the needs, desires and ambitions of the community in which it runs. We have three bespoke health clubs currently operating in Ireland, each one with its own personality and style, and its own combination of sophisticated facilities, classes and specialist trainers. Yet the aim in each of our establishments is the same; to provide a place for people to improve, whether their goal is weight loss, better fitness, better nutrition or a calmer mood.

As a member of 1escape health club, you will automatically get full access to our other gyms including their classes. This will make it easier for you to visit us no matter the time or where you are in Dublin.

Regardless of the club you choose to train in, you can rest assured it will be run with a focus on constant betterment and improvement. Whether you wish to pursue weight loss, better nutrition, superior fitness or enhanced wellness, you will find the perfect atmosphere in which to do it at one of our three Irish clubs.

1-escape-health-clubThe concept behind 1escape is simple; it offers its members a single hour of pure health and fitness escapism. Step through its doors and enjoy that moment where the hustle and bustle of your day-to-day life slips away, allowing you to take some time purely to yourself. With superb training classes, a pool, sauna, steam room, dojo and more, it provides everything you need to unwind and concentrate on your personal health and well-being.

icon-health-club-dublinICON gym in Dublin 2 offers a sophisticated level of service simply unmatched in the city. The facilities have everything the hard working member needs to bring better balance to their life. At ICON, membership numbers are deliberately restricted, meaning the expert trainers on our staff can take the time to devote their fullest attention to every member.

dartry-health-clubAn exclusive gym in south Dublin that offers a welcoming family friendly fitness centre in the heart of Dublin 6. The Dartry Health Club is stylish, fun and friendly. From the sociable atmosphere of the coffee lounge to the luxury of the sauna and the sheer choice of the well-equipped gym, this is a place where you will love to work out.

Between the three superb health clubs we run in the city, Dubliners are sure to find an ICONIC Health Club that is perfect for them.