1escape health club worked with the National Consumer Authority when designing our membership agreement. To make your choice of health club simple we’ve listed and answered the 10 questions which they advise consumers to ask before choosing their gym.


1escape is a private members club however we can, by appointment, organise a club trial. We also recommend that you take the opportunity to speak to our existing members and find out why 1escape is the preferred health club in Dublins city centre.
Our membership fee includes full use of all our facilities including almost 40 classes per week. Upon joining, we recommend that all our members have their own personal programme designed for them by one of our trainers. This programme and all follow-up programmes are also included in your membership. Personal training, specialised courses (eg swimming lessons), towels and retail products are available at an additional fee which is displayed at the club reception.
A choice of annual up-front payment or monthly subscriptions by direct debit are available.
It's a simple formula. Ask yourself how many times a week you are going to visit the club and divide that by the monthly cost. There are no negative costs to making health and fitness part of your lifestyle. Don't forget to factor in all the benefits of membership! You control the value of your gym membership, we make sure you enjoy it.
Unlike many other clubs, 1escape does NOT ask you to sign a 12 month contract. Instead we simply ask that you give us 3 months notice to cancel. This gives you the flexibility to fit your membership around your lifestyle whilst allowing us to be able to forecast membership numbers more accurately to avoid over crowding. However, we understand that in the case of medical/redundancy reasons 3 months notice is not always possible. Under these circumstances we can cancel or suspend your membership immediately. Doctors note/proof of redundancy required. You need to be aware that if you sign a contract to join ANOTHER gym (for say a "minimum period of 12 months"), you are most likely to be committed to paying for a year's membership. If this is the case, you may not be able to cancel the contract. This can be the case, even if you pay by instalments or by direct debit. Once you have signed the contract you are legally committed to paying for the minimum duration. In cases where the membership subscription has been made in advance ("up front payment") you may not get a refund/partial refund. 1escape will issue a proportianate refund if requested for annually paid subcriptions. While it is open to you to stop your direct debit at any time, you should be aware, that this would not remove your payment obligations under the contract.
As we do not have a 12 month contract we ask for 3 months notice to cancel, unless it is due to medical/redundancy reasons in which case immediate cancellation is possible if supported with documentation. The 3 month notice period is clearly highlighted on the front of application in red as we believe it to be a huge benefit to anyone considering joining a gym.
Approaches may vary from club to club. Consumers should be aware that cancelling a direct debit linked to a minimum membership period, does not cancel any debt that may exist between the gym and the consumer. Remember gyms may be within their rights to follow up on missed payments, as the signed contract agreement is a legally binding document. When you cancel a gym membership and if you have been paying by monthly instalments, you should check you bank/credit card statements to ensure that subscriptions have ceased. Remember it is your responsibility to check your statements.
There is no hidden small print in our agreement. In fact we we're so proud of it, we approached the National Consumer Agency when designing it. As a result, the agreement is very clear and unambiguos. You do not need legal advice to understand the terms and conditions. Take time to read the contract through, so that you fully understand what the club expects of you and what you can expect of the club. If you do not understand any of the conditions, or if the meaning of the term is unclear, ask questions and get your answers before signing. That way you will be more likely to not only get fit but also know you are getting a fair deal!
Under the provisions of the European Communities (Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts) Regulations 1995, a clause is considered potentially unfair if it states that the supplier is not responsible for death or personal injury to the consumer "resulting from an act or omission of that supplier". You should bring this to the attention of the gym owner/manager.
If you have a disagreement with the gym in relation to the services, you should first try and resolve the matter by directly approaching the gym owner/manager. It is advisable to keep copies of all correspondence. In the event that the dispute cannot be resolved, it is open to you, to refer the issue to the Small Claims Court at www.courts.ie. Claims involving amounts up to €2,000 may be processed through this procedure at a cost of €15.
Yes, Iconic Health Clubs is a GDPR compliant company. We have set out our privacy policy which explains who we will process and handle your personal data. You can access our privacy at any time via our website on in the club. If you have any questions you can email our Data Protection Officer on DPO@iconichealthclubs.ie
Whatever gym you are considering joining we recommend that you take the opportunity to speak to its existing members and find out if they are satisfied with the service the club provides. Be aware of potentially unfair terms. Ask the 10 questions recommended by the NCA and set out above and satisfy yourself that their agreement meets your requirements. No matter where you choose, we believe that everyone should make health and fitness part of their lifestyle.

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