“You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great”

How will personal training help me?

One to one session will help you achieve your own goals. With my knowledge and long experience I will be here to support and motivate you. I will make sure you are performing every exercise with the correct form and technique, to modify and adjust your exercise program will help you progress your workout. You are going to get professional assistance to improve cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, endurance, posture, coordination and weight loose reduce.

WWhat results should I expect to get with you?

Results! Stop wasting time. Train with me and you will quickly understand why this is the quickest & safest way to reach your goals. I will not let you stick with self-imposed limits. I will find hidden strengths you didn’t know about.s.

What’s your top training tip?

Variety and structure! A lot of people fail through boredom. Consistency is the secret to success, I can ensure that every session is structured, fun, challenging but achievable.

What’s your greatest sporting achievement?

Master acrobatic – 18 years of hard work and many hours training led me to a place on the national gymnastic squad of Bulgaria winning Both International and European championships.
Master of extreme stunts in live shows in Japan.Successful perform many stunt tricks with acro- tumbling, trampoline and gymnastic in extreme shows.
3rd Place NIFMA Miss Bikini Europe 2014 fitness modelling.


I know this is cliché but I am truly passionate about health and fitness, and the gym is my passion. I am truly passionate about achieving peoples goals. When you train with me, your goal becomes mine. I have completed and conquered any health and fitness goalsI have had, let me inspire you to conquer yours!

So why choose me?

“When I started in One Escape February 2014, I was overweight and desperately wanting to lose two stone, everywhere I read told me I should be lifting weights but the weights area was full of men, I thought this is not for me. I done diets, been a member of weight watchers everything but even two months in, I hadn’t lost any weight. That’s when I started working with Evee, She really kept me on track and fixed where I was going wrong. Its now over three months and I have lost 2 stone and 4 pounds. She’s brilliant, could not recommend her more to anyone, she’s always full of life and I love training with her” – Sarah Twamly 31, accountant”


  • NQF Level 4 personal trainer
  • NQF Level 3 Gym instructor AFAS
  • NQF Level 3 Group Fitness Instructor AFAS
  • International standard of Step Aerobics AFAS
  • Sports Gymnastic expert level NSA
  • Stability ball AFAS
  • Cirquit training AFAS
  • Tae bo AFAS
  • Les Mills BodyPump
  • Les Mills BodyAttack
  • Les Mills BodyCombat