From Personal Training Blog: Don’t overdo it! Listen to your body!

When you are trying to change the way you look or get stronger, it’s important to allow rest and recovery into your plan of action. You can only train as well as you can recover. When you exercise and you are physically sore over the next few days, what you have done is cause microscopic tears in your muscle.

DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) is the pain you experience in the days following your workout. Now your body needs to use the nutrients you have been eating to rebuild your muscles, making the muscle fibres you damaged bigger and better and ready for more. This is your body’s way of coping with and adapting to the stress of training.

This whole process is calorie burning and the bigger your muscles grow (fear not ladies!) the less bodyfat you will have. But that recovery time is crucial. Overtraining is counterproductive. So, sometimes, less is more!

Toni Anderson