Here are four ways to get the most from your membership.

1. Try a range of classes

Simply training on your own can become really dull – and without a varied, targeted gym program, you won’t see the results you want. Look instead to try a range of fitness classes and get involved in workout options that include strength, cardio, and flexibility. Most good gyms will include spinning classes, yoga, kettlebell training and more – these are all great ways to really ramp up your enjoyment and motivation to train while engaging you mentally as you develop new skills and fitness techniques.

2. Try something new

Forget spending ages on the treadmill or stepper or pushing out half-hearted bicep curls in front of the mirror – try something new! High-Intensity Training is hugely effective: in just half an hour you can use this functional training method to work every muscle in your body effectively and start to build real definition, shape and lean lines. Watch out, though, these classes can become utterly addictive!

3. Get a broader program in place

Exercising in isolation won’t have the desired effect unless you take control of your nutrition and broader lifestyle factors as well. From rest and recovery, through to hydration and wellness as a broader holistic approach, as one of the best gyms in Dublin we will provide a comprehensive fitness program that tackles every element. By following a program you can measure progress, have goals to work towards and clock off your achievements as you go.

4. Enjoy the social side

A good health club will also give you the chance to enjoy social benefits, as well as fitness gains. Look for opportunities to socialize and meet like-minded people who are also working towards health, fitness and well being goals, and support each other in your journeys. Gyms can be a fantastic environment to meet new friends and broaden your social circle, further motivating you to attend on a regular basis!
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