Mental Health Awareness Month at OneEscape

For the month of September, we teamed up with Suicide Or Survive to raise awareness for Mental Health Awareness Month. We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every member who donated at reception to this amazing cause. The donation boxes have been collected by S.O.S and we will announce the total amount raised on our social media in the coming days. We are absolutely delighted with the feedback received from our ‘SOS Training’ class and would like to thank Pippa and the team for working alongside Iconic Health Clubs this month providing an insight into the amazing work that is done at S.O.S.

Just a portion of the 45 members that took part in SOS Training- ready to rock Studio 1

 1escape member Daria writing on our mirror in studio 1, we asked all class participants to write how they felt before and after our ‘SOS Training’ class, highlighting the importance of exercise with mental health.

Congratulations to everyone involved and big thank you to @SuicideorSurvive for educating us about such a important cause.

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