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  • DESTRESS, RELAX & reduce anxiety
  • PREVENT injury

Yoga Classes at 1escape Health Club

Escape in the city with unlimited yoga classes at 1escape health club in our purpose built yoga studio offers the ultimate experience. We bring you Yoga from Dublin, but our yoga teachers bring their experience from all over the world. In fact yoga originated  all the way from ancient India. Translated, yoga is a union of the body and the mind. Fitness was not originally the core concept of the practice of yoga however yoga has adapted over the years to become an integral part of health and fitness. Today, yoga focuses on strength, breathing and flexibility to boost mental and physical well-being in order to cope with our hectic lifestyles. Yoga can improve your quality of life, reduce anxiety, help with mental health and assist you to de-stress and relax.

Style of Yoga we teach at 1escape Health Club

At 1escape Health club, our yoga classes offer a range of different styles of yoga for you to immerse yourself including, bikram yoga, ashtanga yoga, init yoga, hatha yoga, samadhi yoga, kundalini yoga, himalaya yoga and vinyasa yoga to name a few.

1escape health club Chakra

Yoga is believed to balance our internal chakras. The word chakra is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel. A constant balance between the chakras promotes health and a sense of well being both in business and in ourselves. At 1escape we have translated the traditional chakra to reflect our business model to ensure balance , energy and creativity in everything we do as a team.

Our philosophy is to bring just one hour of escapism to our all our members in which to improve their well-being and yoga is just one of the many holistic activities that we offer at 1escape health club.

As yoga is suitable for everyone it is available to all our members. Our yoga classes are now available to our members and can be booked through our mobile app.


A motivating blend of Yoga, If you haven’t tried yoga before, or a seasoned yoga attendee its not important. If you are already either of these forms of exercise you will love the variety and fusion you will get from our yoga classes

– Improve your flexibility
– Increase your joints range of motion
– Increase core strength
– Reduce stress levels
– Improve mindfulness
– Wellbeing and calm
How it works
Yoga is founded on controlled breathing. By focusing on your breathing studies have shown a decrease in stress levels. Your concentration is on the movement allowing you recruit more muscles in your core getting better results. Yoga has been proven to increase flexibility and pilates with back pain. Get the benefits of both by trying yoga


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